Acrylic Paintings by Gretchen Scheidt

First Friday, June 7th through Sunday, June 23rd

This body of work represents an exploration—an introspective journey into my identity as an artist. Through these pieces, I delve into the realms of color, texture, technique, and style, experimenting with various mediums and surfaces to uncover the essence of my artistic voice.

While the designs of my pieces vary, they are all united by a singular, powerful element: color. Bold, rich, and captivating color forms the core of this collection, drawing the viewer into a vibrant world of acrylic paint.

In creating these works, I embraced the versatility of acrylics, experimenting with color mixing and manipulating the paint's consistency to add depth, dimension, and texture. Each color palette was carefully curated, with a significant amount of time devoted to contemplation and creation. I employed a wide array of brush sizes and styles to highlight stroke patterns and intricate designs within each palette.

The choice of surface for each piece is a deliberate decision, influenced by the desired style and structure. For more structured works, I favor harder surfaces like wood or canvas panels, while for pieces that demand fluidity and freedom, I turn to traditional canvases. This selection process allows each piece to express its unique character while maintaining cohesion within the collection.

Painting is my conduit for bringing light and color into a world that can often feel dark. It encourages me to focus on beauty, brightness, and positivity. Through my art, I aim to remind others of the importance of our unique contributions—the "color" we each bring to the world.

It is my hope that this collection inspires you to embrace your own boldness, celebrating your perfectly imperfect self, and to go forth and make your mark in this world. Let these works serve as a reminder that the world needs your color, your unique perspective, and your vibrant presence.

About Gretchen Scheidt
Gretchen Scheidt is an artist based in Sioux Falls, SD, where she lives with her husband, two children, and three dogs. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a minor in marketing from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Throughout her diverse career, creativity has been a constant thread, guiding her through various roles in graphic design, interior design, portrait photography, and painting. Gretchen's dedication to expanding her creative skills through hard work, education, and practice is evident in every piece she creates.