Reconstructed: An Alternative Perspective

Fiber Art by Sue Kaihoi

Open through Sunday, May 26th

In every piece I create, whether it's a collage or a tapestry, lies a narrative woven from history. Each fragment, once forgotten or discarded, finds new life and purpose within my artwork. I like to consider this collection as history reimagined—a fusion of the past with a contemporary twist. Through a process of reconstruction, what was once "deconstructed" now dances and delights in unexpected ways.

Four key pieces in this collection, namely Line Dance, Block Party, Rhumba, and Reveille, are infused with themes of movement and vitality. Each element, whether a remnant or a textile fragment, holds its own story, waiting to be revealed.

The structure of garments—seams, linings, needle marks—each detail unfolds a narrative. It's akin to crafting historical fiction, where every element plays a character, blending together to provoke curiosity and imagination in the viewer.

For me, every component is a hidden treasure awaiting rediscovery. By juxtaposing contrasting elements—old linings against robust wools, for instance—I offer an alternative perspective. Colors and textures harmonize, guiding the eye through a visual dance across the piece.

Viewers may find familiarity in patterns or textures, evoking nostalgic memories. Yet, it's the unconventional placement of these elements that offers a fresh perspective, inviting viewers to explore anew.

My creative process begins with a curated collection of textiles gathered over the years—each piece waiting for its moment of transformation. Starting with a chosen color scheme and a rough sketch, I build a framework, allowing the piece to evolve organically. It's a joyful journey of experimentation, where even the final outcome often surprises me.

Handling these textiles is like fostering relationships—with each component valued for its unique contribution to the whole. Witnessing disparate elements harmonize brings me immense joy—a dance of creativity that continues with every stitch.

About Sue Kaihoi

Sue Kaihoi's artistic journey traces back to her childhood in Minnesota, where she first ventured into the world of creativity by peddling handwoven potholders in her neighborhood. Influenced by her grandmother's passion for embroidery and watercolors, Sue's work reflects a tapestry of memories and experiences, enriched by the textures of nature.

Specializing in modern textile designs, Sue transforms repurposed and vintage natural textiles into captivating collages and wall tapestries. Inspired by the simplicity of Ellsworth Kelly and the tradition of quilters from Gee's Bend, her creations predominantly feature neutral tones with strategic bursts of color, inviting viewers to embark on their own interpretive journeys.

Through her art, Sue celebrates storytelling through fabric, honoring the past while exploring the boundless possibilities within textiles.