Resting Reflections

Installation by Liz Stensland

Opening Reception: First Friday, July 5th from 7pm-9pm
Exhibit runs through Sunday, July 28th

Resting Reflections is a collection that captures moments of ease and tranquility when all is quiet. In these serene moments, I explore the nuanced interplay of lighting, mechanisms, and spaces within the home. It is in these subtleties that I find a paradoxical sense of emptiness and completeness, a state of bliss.

As morning light expands across sunlit walls, my mind drifts, taking in the decor that fills my space. I see the outlines that define each decorative object, recognizing the beauty inherent in their forms. These outlines, in turn, create their own spaces, adding to the sense of calm and harmony.

Through this work, I invite viewers to join me in these quiet moments of reflection, to notice the subtle details that often go unnoticed, and to find their own sense of peace in the beauty of everyday surroundings.

About Liz Stensland
Liz is an artist based in Minneapolis, MN. She specializes in functional ceramic wares such as mugs, planters, bowls, and more. She has a love for high-relief textures and vibrant colors! Mixing those two elements together comes together as unique vessels that allow the user to enjoy not only a good beverage but an object for the hands to explore.