Tenley Schwartz’ fabric tapestries stand out for their quirky imagery and rich triadic color palettes. Further examination exposes her dedication to precision and care. Blending machine stitching, hand embroidery, and hand appliqué techniques, Tenley ensures that each piece is a prestinely crafted, perfectly balanced work of art. Her tapestries not only showcase the mastery of her craft but also reflect her belief that detail is everything in the pursuit of creating beautiful, meaningful pieces.

About Tenley

Tenley is a versatile creative whose passion for design, art, and placemaking is evident in her unique fabric artwork. As a designer, artist, and writer, Tenley embodies a commitment to intentional creativity. Her constant sketching, whether in a big or tiny sketchbook, at home or at work, reflects her unwavering dedication to capturing life's ephemeral quality. Her favorite phrase, "Thanks, I made it!", echoes the pride she takes in her work.