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Maryn Wagner

Tracers | Mixed Media on Skateboard Deck

Tracers | Mixed Media on Skateboard Deck

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By Maryn Wagner
Mixed Media (Gouache Acrylic, Found Paper)
8.5" x 32"

Tracers is part of Maryn's Things Could Be Worse body of work. 

Through a vibrant blend of mediums, Maryn Wagner weaves together a tapestry of psychedelic dreamscapes. She delves into captivating themes such as existentialism, addiction, and childhood trauma, exploring the depths of the human experience. Her creations exude an eerie allure, inviting the viewer to step into the enigmatic realm of the feminine. Join us and embark on a journey through Wagner’s multifaceted landscapes where nightmares and beauty intertwine.

In the swirling realm of chaos, I find my artistic voice, reflecting the kaleidoscope of my imagination. As an artist, I thrive on the edge, embracing the unpredictable and infusing it into my creations.

My artistic toolbox is a vibrant blend of collage, gauche, acrylic, gold leaf, pen, and digital drawing. With these diverse mediums, I weave together a tapestry of psychedelic dreamscapes, where vivid pictures emerge, adorned with jewel-toned colors. This exploration allows me to delve deeper into themes that captivate me: existentialism, addiction, technology, childhood trauma, botany, human anatomy, and the intricate landscapes of body horror.

My inspiration is a fusion of cultural surroundings and the artistic influences that have shaped me. Figures like Terry Urban, Brianna Miller, and the enigmatic Marc Wagner have left an indelible mark on my creative journey. Equally significant are the eerie narratives of horror movies, the haunting imagery of autopsy and medical trauma photography, the vintage allure of Reader's Digest publications, and the captivating nostalgia of vintage advertisements.

My artistic process is an organic dance with chaos. I seldom meticulously plan my work; instead, I surrender to the creative process, allowing it to unfold naturally. When I do embark on a "planned" piece, it becomes a reinterpretation or evolution of previous artwork, breathing new life into a sketchbook concept or refining it in unforeseen ways. I am constantly drawn to explore new techniques and mediums, finding solace in the realm of mixed media art. Inspiration ignites within me at the sight of something new—be it art supplies, thrift store treasures, or experiencing a movie for the first time—fuelling my restless desire to explore every creative avenue.


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